Sunday, April 26, 2009

training updates


Exercises: Clean, Snatch, Press

min. on min. rest- 3 rounds


Total Cleans: 67
Snatch: 96
Press: 76

Worked on proper technique, breathing, and getting a good rack position

Wed. LCCJ (2-12kg), Snatch, Bottoms Up Press w/16 kg

min on. min off- 3 rounds

Totals: LCCJ- 35
Snatch- 100
BUP- 53

Fri- 12 kg LCCJ- 6 mins 47
Snatch- 200 (10 mins.)
LCCJ 6 mins- 49.

Saturday. Ran 1.5 miles- easy pace with slower recruits. Then lifted stuff at Ken's garage with the cast of characters... John Wild, Denis Kanygin, C-Dogg/Dog brother aka Iron Punk, Firefighter Dwight, and Velocity Evan. Good Times!

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