Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hick's Law

Tony Blauer. Good Stuff to study.


Wildcard said...

Tony Blauer's stuff is very good, as it is simple to learn and works. Too often the concept of a "universal default" is lost on martial arts/ combatives courses yet this is the most needed attribute in a surprise attack (eg. street level) situation.

There are others out there with interesting variations (J. Kelly McCann, Rodney King/ Crazy Monkey) but Blauer was doing this as early as 1988-89, so props to him for being first. Have you been to one of his seminars?

Also, Ray Floro is doing some good stuff with edged weapons that every LEO should take a serious look at, as well as Dog Brothers in their "Die Less Often" DVD. We have been doing a lot of this type of stuff in my group and I am seeing interesting evolution, but a lot of what passes as conventinal wisdom in this area will get guys killed. Good stuff.

Pete said...

I have not been to Tony's seminar, but one of my colleagues went to a train the trainer course (SPEAR). I am hoping to attend one in the fall. I know that Ray Floro's dvd just came out-have you seen it?