Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Getting Better

Busy day: could only fit in this quick one.
5 mins. Double jerk (2-12kg) 6 rpm.

Warmups with swings and 1 arm jerk w/ 16s.

Work Set
5 mins. double jerk (2-16kg) 6 rpm
3 mins. double jerk (2-16kg) 6 rpm

1 arm jerk
2 mins 24kg- 6 rpm L
2 mins 24kg- 6rpm R
2 mins 24kg- 6 rpm L
2 mins 24kg- 6rpm R

Snatch 16kg
10 mins. 16 rpm (160 reps)
(5min L/5 min. R)

SHELC (supine hip extension leg curl) on swiss ball
2 x 10

Finally found my hip, alot easier on the 1 arm than the 2 arm. Learning a whole new curve. It felt good!


Franz Snideman said...

Nice to see you venturing into some other type of training. Naturally just off the Federenko Cert you are more inclined to do the GS. What's nice is that it really simplifies training!!!

Pete said...

It really kicked the EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption) into gear as well! I got down to 186. I know some of it is water weight, but the pants are fitting much more loosely.