Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Stress combined with the stomach virus/flu is seriously wrecking havoc on my health. I am furiously finishing up my MIDP work. (Graduation is Nov. 1) Too much controversy to go into with the recent updates. Need to seriously destress the body. I don't know if what i have now is left-over from the virus or the effects of stress on the body. At any rate, I have not been able to train since the last practice and it is killing me.

I thought I'd have a little fun with some favorite moments in music history. I don't know if the first clip is true or not, but here is the tale. Elvis Costello was told not to play Radio, Radio on Saturday Night Live for fear of offending the media corps. This must have been pretty exciting for Live TV back then. He was supposedly banned from SNL. He re-created his stunt with the BEastie Boys on the 2nd clip. Obviously that one was planned, but I thought it was freakin' brilliant! Cheers. (Watch at the end- after they finish, they bail quickly, the drummer knocks over a cymbal on accident, pauses, then bails!)

2nd Appearance:


Franz Snideman said...


I know what it's like to have sickness wipe you out bro! Get better, de-stress and take care of yourself man! Your family needs you!

Get well!

Wildcard said...

Get well soon Pete, its lonely up here at the top!;)