Saturday, September 08, 2007

Day One at the RKC

The morning started with the van ride to the Dayton Bluff Community Center. I felt excited as all the black shirts (RKCS) got on the van and walked in to get prepared for the "victims". The meet and greet was a good prep to be proper representatives of the RKC. I enjoyed seeing the many people that I got to meet the night before come in with their game face on ready to take the snatch test. (How I remember that feeling).

Team Brown was assembled and all were accounted for. All the women passed their snatch test, but a couple of the males did not. They were strong men, but missed their snatches by 10 and 20 respectively. I have no doubt once they connect their bodies to move as a unit, that they will pass their snatch test. As the training day progressed, I could see their personal "aha" moment kick in as they realized where they were deficient in their form. (I reflected how fortunate I was to work with an RKC (Ken) prior to coming to the RKC)

I am having a good time with Jason Brown and Jim Milkowski as Team Brown. We have a motivated team and the partners within the team are doing well. The community of instructors are phenomenal. I am humbled to be working with such a great bunch of people. I am looking forward to Day 2, especially since I turned 40 today! Once my family joins me, then my day will be complete!


Kettlebell Lady said...

Happy Birthday Big 4-0!

Pete Diaz, RKC said...

Thank you!